Punjabi Music Download: Best Songs of 2023 and the Top 3 Singers


Punjabi music has gained immense popularity worldwide, known for its catchy beats, vibrant rhythms, and soulful lyrics. The year 2023 has been particularly fruitful for Punjabi music, with numerous hit songs that have topped the charts. In this article, we’ll explore the best Punjabi songs of 2023 and highlight the top three singers who have made a significant impact on the music scene. We’ll also guide you on how to download these songs legally and safely.

Best Punjabi Songs of 2023

1. “Pasoori” by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill

“Pasoori,” sung by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, has taken the music world by storm with its unique blend of traditional and modern sounds. The song’s infectious melody and thought-provoking lyrics have made it a massive hit, resonating with audiences across the globe.

2. “Excuses” by AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill

“Excuses,” by AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill, has become an anthem for many. The song’s smooth blend of Punjabi folk and contemporary hip-hop has captured the hearts of listeners. Its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics make it a favorite for both casual listening and parties.

3. “Bijlee Bijlee” by Harrdy Sandhu

Harrdy Sandhu’s “Bijlee Bijlee” is a high-energy track that has quickly climbed the charts. The song’s vibrant beats and dynamic performance make it a must-have on any dance playlist. Its electrifying music video has also garnered millions of views, further solidifying its popularity.

4. “Titliaan Warga” by Hardy Sandhu and Afsana Khan

This collaboration between Hardy Sandhu and Afsana Khan is a beautiful mix of heartfelt lyrics and melodious tunes. “Titliaan Warga” explores themes of love and heartbreak, resonating deeply with listeners. The emotional depth and powerful vocals have made it one of the standout tracks of the year.

5. “Brown Munde” by AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill, and Shinda Kahlon

“Brown Munde” continues to be a massive hit in 2023, thanks to its infectious beats and empowering lyrics. This track, celebrating the Punjabi identity and lifestyle, has become an anthem for the Punjabi youth around the world.

Top 3 Punjabi Singers of 2023

1. AP Dhillon

AP Dhillon has become a sensation in the Punjabi music industry, known for his unique style that fuses traditional Punjabi elements with contemporary hip-hop. His tracks “Excuses” and “Brown Munde” have been chart-toppers, showcasing his versatility and appeal. Ap Dhillon mp3 songs AP Dhillon’s music has not only captivated the Indian audience but has also gained significant international recognition.

2. Harrdy Sandhu

Harrdy Sandhu’s charismatic voice and dynamic performances have made him one of the most sought-after singers in Punjabi music. Hits like “Bijlee Bijlee” and “Titliaan Warga” demonstrate his ability to deliver high-energy tracks as well as soulful ballads. Sandhu’s consistent delivery of hit songs has solidified his status as a top artist in the industry.

3. Ali Sethi

Ali Sethi’s “Pasoori” has made waves in 2023, showcasing his incredible talent for blending classical and contemporary music. Sethi’s rich, emotive voice and innovative approach to music have earned him a dedicated fanbase. His ability to convey deep emotions through his music sets him apart as one of the finest singers in the Punjabi music scene.

How to Download Punjabi Songs Legally

Downloading Punjabi songs legally ensures you support the artists and the music industry. Here are some reliable platforms where you can download your favorite Punjabi tracks:

1. Mr Jatt

Mr Jatt is a leading music streaming platform that offers a vast collection of Punjabi songs Download. With a premium subscription, you can download songs for offline listening. Simply search for the song, add it to your library, and download it.

2. Apple Music

Apple Music provides access to a comprehensive library of Punjabi music. A subscription allows you to download songs for offline listening. The platform also offers curated playlists and exclusive content from popular artists.

3. Gaana

Gaana is a popular music streaming service in India with an extensive collection of Punjabi songs. A Gaana Plus subscription lets you download songs for offline listening. The platform also features curated playlists and radio stations.

4. JioSaavn

JioSaavn offers a wide range of Punjabi music. With a JioSaavn Pro subscription, you can download songs for offline listening. The platform provides personalized playlists and original shows as well.

5. Amazon Music

Amazon Music provides access to a vast library of Punjabi songs. An Amazon Music Unlimited subscription enables you to download songs for offline listening. The platform also offers curated playlists and exclusive content.

Steps to Download Songs

  1. Choose a Platform: Select a music streaming platform that offers the song you want to download.
  2. Subscription: Subscribe to the platform’s premium service to enable offline downloads.
  3. Search and Select: Use the search function to find the song you want to download.
  4. Download: Look for the download option, usually represented by a downward arrow or a download button. Click on it to download the song to your device.
  5. Offline Listening: Once downloaded, you can listen to the song offline anytime, anywhere.


Punjabi music in 2023 has been marked by phenomenal songs and talented singers who continue to push the boundaries of the genre. By downloading these songs legally from reliable platforms, you can enjoy high-quality music while supporting the artists. So, update your playlist with these hits and let the vibrant rhythms of Punjabi music enhance your listening experience.

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