How to Get an Insane Amount of Gold in Diablo 4 Season 4


Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to show you how to accumulate an insane amount of gold in Diablo 4 Season 4. We’ll explore the best methods to achieve this, and I’ll highlight one particularly effective strategy. If you stick around until the end, you’ll not only discover the most efficient ways to amass gold, but also how to optimize these methods to maximize your gains.

Why You Need Gold in Diablo 4

Whether you’re dabbling in the endgame or just starting out, you know that gold is crucial for everything in Diablo 4. You need it for tempering your gear, crafting, and trading. As you begin tempering your gear, you’ll also notice a need for various materials like Stygian Stones and Duriel Materials. Fortunately, you can trade gear for gold or materials depending on your immediate needs or buy gold at

Four Main Ways to Earn Gold

Let’s dive into the four main ways to earn gold, ranked from good to best.

1. Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons are a solid way to earn gold, especially if you’re leveling your glyphs. Here’s how to maximize your gold income while running these dungeons:

  • Clear All Elites: Elites drop valuable items that can be sold for gold.
  • Open All Chests: Chests contain items and gold.
  • Collect Every Item: Pick up every item you find to sell later.

By following these steps, I managed to earn around 11 million gold per hour. While it’s efficient, it’s more beneficial when you’re still leveling your glyphs. Once your glyphs are maxed out, you might want to shift your focus to more lucrative methods.

2. Hell Tides

Hell Tides can yield a significant amount of gold, with my runs averaging 14 million gold per hour. Here’s the optimal way to run Hell Tides:

  • Fight the Blood Maiden: This encounter is key to maximizing your gold and item drops.
  • Use a Profane Mine Cage: This increases your Aberrant Cinder drops.
  • Open Mystery Chests: Focus on unlocking the mystery chests for valuable items.
  • Sell Items Quickly: If your inventory fills up, teleport back to sell your items and return to the fight.

During my tests, I also gathered 152 item drops in one hour. The Hell Tide is a great method, but it can be inconsistent if you’re unable to spawn the Blood Maiden frequently.

3. Running the Pit

Running the Pit is not very effective for gold farming. In my tests, I earned about 5 million gold per hour, which is relatively low. The main issue is that the Pit offers fewer gear drops compared to other methods, making it less lucrative. This should be your last resort for gold farming.

The Best Way to Make Gold: Whispers

Whispers are by far the most efficient way to make gold, capable of netting up to 50 million gold per hour. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Complete Whispers for Grim Favors: The Tree of Whispers has 10 Grim Favor slots. Completing these earns you a Whisper Cache, which can yield around 3 million gold each.
  2. PvP Zones: Focus on the PvP zones where you can complete three types of events:
    • Regular Whisper Events: Worth one Grim Favor.
    • Purifying Seeds of Hatred: Worth three Grim Favors.
    • Killing the Seeking Abomination: Worth five Grim Favors.

By efficiently completing these events, you can earn 3 to 5 million gold every five minutes.

  1. Five Grim Favor Dungeons: These dungeons are scattered across the map and can be completed quickly. Each dungeon rewards five Grim Favors, making them an excellent source of Whisper Caches.
  2. World Bosses and Blood Maiden Whispers: If a world boss or Blood Maiden Whisper appears, prioritize these as they offer high rewards. World bosses provide valuable materials and scattered prisms, while Blood Maiden Whispers give substantial gear and Grim Favors.

Maximizing Whisper Rewards

When turning in your Grim Favors, choose the best Whisper Caches:

  • Greater Chaos Caches: These can give you up to 10 million gold each.
  • Regular Whisper Caches: On average, these provide around 3 million gold.

By focusing on these high-value caches, you can maximize your gold income efficiently.

Spreadsheet Analysis of Gold Farming Methods

To summarize the effectiveness of these methods, I tracked my gold earnings over several hours:

  • Running the Pit: 5 million gold per hour. Not recommended.
  • Nightmare Dungeons: 11 million gold per hour. Good for leveling glyphs.
  • Hell Tides: 14 million gold per hour. Effective but inconsistent.
  • Whispers: 25 to 50 million gold per hour. The best method by far.


If you follow these strategies, you can farm over 100 million gold in just a few hours. Prioritize running Whispers and completing high-reward PvP events, and use Hell Tides as a secondary method. Avoid running the Pit unless absolutely necessary.

By focusing on these efficient Diablo 4 gold farming techniques, you’ll have more than enough gold to enhance your gear, craft items, and dominate the endgame in Diablo 4 Season 4. Happy farming, and I’ll see you in the next guide! Peace!

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