Hidden Costs of Postage Meters: What You Need to Know


Postage meter prices and fees can be confusing. Make sure you read your entire lease agreement to understand any additional charges associated with equipment, overage charges, maintenance and any additional costs that might apply.

Ink Cartridges

Postage meters can save time and money when compared with purchasing stamps and driving to the Post Office to weigh each letter, flat, or package weighing. They eliminate the need to spend time traveling between post offices; save ink and paper costs; and helps qualify you for Commercial Rates from USPS.

Postage meters print money, which makes them considered currency under federal law. Because of this, the United States Postal Service closely oversees who produces and rents postage meters; only five suppliers in the country manufacture or lease postage meters. You can click the link: https://people.howstuffworks.com/usps4.htm to learn more about how the US mail service works.

Consider whether or not your postage meter vendor offers transparent pricing structures and advanced reporting solutions, making it easier to track monthly expenditure and avoid overage fees.


Postage meters save companies time and money by eliminating trips to the post office and applying exact postage every time, while also eliminating fraud by eliminating petty cash or checks used for postage purchases. Furthermore, these meters offer advanced reporting solutions which enable managers to identify spending trends or savings opportunities more easily.

Before investing in a postage meter, users should carefully consider its hidden costs. These expenses include ink cartridge replacement costs and maintenance charges; software updates needed to stay compliant with postal service regulations may incur extra fees from suppliers; depending on the type of meter provided some vendors may also charge transaction fees and reset fees.

Before selecting a postage meter supplier, it is wise to research prices from different vendors and review your contract in its entirety in order to identify all hidden costs. You can click here for more information. Some providers even offer rent-free postage as an incentive; but keep in mind that this amount doesn’t cover actual postage rates which are set by the Postal Service independent of your lease agreement with a vendor.


When selecting a postage meter supplier, seek transparent pricing structures with no hidden fees or features such as integrated scales or simple machines that reduce errors and training requirements, and integration with tracking systems. Furthermore, consider whether your vendor provides flexible plans that accommodate changing business needs and growth.

Some suppliers provide the first month or two of meter rental or lease at no cost, providing an invaluable opportunity to assess whether it meets your business needs. While a free month is a valuable way to test equipment before making your decision, don’t allow it to influence it too greatly.

Keep an eye out for vendors that provide a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their products or services, this can save money in the long run by helping to avoid paying for machines that don’t meet your business needs.

When speaking with vendors make sure to ask for references as well as read through any contract terms carefully prior to signing on dotted line and ensure your lease agreement allows for you to upgrade or return the postage meter if needs change over time.

Overage Fees

Postage meter rates are determined by the USPS, not your machine vendor. Your vendor may impose fees for unused advances if you fail to prefund the account or having to use its advance feature (up to 1% of advanced amount).

Postage meters provide businesses with cost savings on stamps while still meeting postage needs. Not only can postage meters reduce time spent mailing processes but they can also improve efficiency and add a professional appearance to mailers.

Your business’s success hinges on selecting a postage meter provider with transparent pricing structures and user-friendly machines to reduce training requirements and errors. Furthermore, consider opting for scalable solutions to accommodate future expansion.

Postage meter vendors frequently offer new customers their first or two months free when leasing one from them, providing an opportunity to test out and evaluate its performance before committing long term. It is also wise to inquire into cancellation/return policies of each provider prior to making a decision.

Lease Agreement

Postage meters can be invaluable tools for businesses that send large volumes of mail, as they streamline the mailing process and save valuable time and effort. Plus, their reduced postage costs allow for better rates from the Post Office! However, before entering a contract it’s essential to understand any hidden costs involved with their usage.

Make sure that all line items in a lease or rental agreement, especially equipment, meter resets and postage advances, are carefully evaluated before entering into an agreement. Inquire if there are any extra fees such as rate change protection and software updates. Furthermore, ask whether there is a way for online visibility into accounts so you can keep an eye on expenses related to equipment and postage expenses.

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