Everything You Need to Know: FAQs About LED Foam Sticks


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  • How long do LED foam sticks last?

    LED foam sticks last for a very long time depending upon the duration for which it stays illuminated. The size of the stick as well as the quality of battery decides the longevity of LED sticks. On average the LED foam sticks light up for a few hours.

  • What is the price of an LED foam stick?

    The price of these luminous and colorful sticks vary depending upon the size and quality. Some suppliers like party glow have volatile prices when it comes to quantity of purchase. Buying LED foam sticks in bulk can save you a lot of money as the discounts go higher with increase in quantity and the shipping fee is waived off above the order value of $59.99.

  • Are LED glow sticks safe?

    Absolutely, LED foam glow sticks are safe to be used by everyone in an indoor or outdoor setup. These can be used in and around a kid’s play area or room depending upon the choice and requirement of the users.

  • What kind of light do glow sticks use?

    LED lights are responsible for the illumination which is seen in light up foam sticks. These lights are powered by high quality batteries which are concealed along with these lights inside the foam. Hence the diffused light is seen by the user which looks magical and whimsical.

  • What are LED foam sticks used for?

    LED light up foam sticks are mainly used for decoration purposes. You can even use these as hand held accessories for parties, events and play dates. During night sporting events these flashing light sticks come in handy for illuminating the equipment or the surroundings.

  • What size are party sticks?

    These LED light party sticks are available in various size options however the most popular ones are 16 inch and 18 inch. They are light in weight, the grip is strong and it can easily be held during various events and occasions like a birthday party, halloween, Christmas, wedding party, etc.

  • What Are The Various Lighting Modes Of Foam Sticks?

    These color changing sticks are available in various color options of blue, oink, red, green, orange, purple and more. The coloured glow appears with the press of a button and the lighting modes also get changed with the same button. Flash, blink, strobe and steady light are some of the lighting modes which can be changed with easy accessibility.

  • How Do LED Foam Sticks Light Up?

    LED flashing glow sticks light up with the press of a button provided on the stick itself. It is very convenient to use and illuminate these sticks. Hence, they can easily be used as party favors. Foam batons can even be used to show support for a cause or a team during parades and sporting events.

  • Can LED foam sticks be customized for events?

    Yes, LED foam wands and glow batons can easily be customized for events and parties. Party Glowz provides easy and hassle free navigation in order to get custom made foam sticks in no time.

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