Unlock Your Home’s Secrets: Watch Ring Doorbell on PC with Ease!


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Unlock Your Home's Secrets Watch Ring Doorbell on PC with Ease!

Learn how to monitor your front door from any device with our guide on viewing your Ring Doorbell’s live video feed. This article provides simple steps for accessing both regular and live HD feeds via the Ring app on Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS devices, allowing you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere.

Discover the convenience of two-way communication with visitors on Windows 10 devices and understand the power requirements, from rechargeable batteries to direct wiring options, to maintain continuous surveillance.

Ring App Installation and Security Guidelines for Ring Doorbell Users

Security Guidelines for Ring Doorbell Users.

Watching your Ring Doorbell on a computer has never been easier. First, you need to download the Ring app that’s suitable for your device. Whether you’re using iOS devices, Mac devices, Android devices, or Windows devices, the app is readily available and free on all these platforms.

The process is self-explanatory; for desktop computers and laptops, the app ensures a smooth integration. After you have downloaded and installed the app, the next step is to connect it to your Ring Doorbell, which you must manually install physically. This setup allows you to watch the live video feed directly on your computer, offering convenience and enhanced monitoring capabilities.

From a security standpoint, when setting up your Ring Doorbell, it’s essential to employ a separate network for your device. This is especially true if your home network is already connected to multiple phones, tablets, and computers. Using a separate Wi-Fi network for your doorbell adds an essential layer of security, minimizing the risk of breaches across your networks. As a security tip, always ensure your Ring system is on a dedicated network to keep your home and digital life safe.

How to View Your Ring Doorbell Using a Computer?

View Your Ring Doorbell Using a Computer.

Viewing your Ring Doorbell’s video footage on a PC is a better solution than just using a smartphone or tablet. It’s particularly handy when you’re working, gaming, or using headphones – you won’t miss any alerts. To get this up and running, download the appropriate app for your device.

Whether it’s an iOS 10.0 gadget like an iPod, iPad, or iPhone touch, a Mac with OS X 10.11 and a 64-bit processor, an Android Device with Android 5.0, or Windows 10 Devices with version 16299.0 or later, there’s a suitable link for you at the official app store or website.

Note that as of April 10th, 2018, the Ring app is no longer compatible with Windows mobile devices. However, it works perfectly on Windows laptops, tablets, and desktops with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) or later.

Here are the steps for a smooth setup:
  1. Download and install the Ring app from the official store.
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Minimize the app to keep it active in the background for constant monitoring.
  4. Set notifications to alert you when there’s movement or someone rings your door.
  5. Watch the live feed to monitor the situation in real-time.

Doorbell Alerts from Ring:

With the Ring Doorbell, you can experience the convenience of automated alerts directly on your computer. These alerts notify you of any movement near your door or when someone rings the doorbell. You have the flexibility to adjust your device’s sensitivity through the Motion Settings menu, ensuring you receive notifications that are relevant to your needs.

When an alert is triggered, a push notification pops up in the top right corner of your monitor, displaying messages like “motion detected in your backyard.” You can choose to either ignore or click on these notifications to access the live feed and see who’s at your front door.

Additionally, your computer’s microphone and headset can be used to communicate with the visitor, offering both convenience and enhanced security right from your workspace.

Live Feed from Ring Doorbell:

Watching the live video feed from your Ring Doorbell on your computer screen offers a seamless way to keep an eye on your home. You can shrink the feed to a corner of your screen, allowing you to focus on other tasks, yet still be alert.

When something important happens, the video window will pop into the center of your screen, ensuring you don’t miss critical moments like the arrival of guests or food delivery. This feature not only saves time and lowers anticipation but also adds convenience, especially when waiting for something as delightful as a pizza when you’re hungry.

However, it’s important to be aware that viewing the live feed continuously can consume a significant amount of your doorbell’s battery and data. This might be a concern if you have an older computer, as it can impact performance.

While recharging the battery more frequently might be necessary, especially if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, it’s advised to use this feature judiciously. Constant live streaming can become distracting and might even obstruct your work, particularly if you work from home.

Keep a Lookout:

Embrace extra caution in protecting your home with the Ring Doorbell. It’s not just a device but a vital aid, offering live video and alert notifications for any movements around your house.

Conveniently use the Ring app on your computer to view these alerts, staying informed as soon as guests arrive. Share your experience or comment on how this technology has bolstered your home’s safety.

Connect your Wi-Fi to your Ring Video Doorbell

Connect your Wi-Fi to your Ring Video Doorbell.

To fully integrate your Ring Video Doorbell with your home security system, start by ensuring it’s connected to your Wi-Fi network. Choose the Wi-Fi connection from your own network that is nearest to the installation site of the doorbell. When you are close to your modem, insert your Wi-Fi password and press Continue.

After this, your doorbell will likely upgrade its software. You’ll know this is happening when you see a white light flashing at the front of the device. It’s crucial during this time to refrain from ringing the doorbell, as this can prevent the software from installing correctly.

Once the light stops flashing, your setup is complete, and you can enjoy the security and convenience of monitoring your doorbell on your computer.

Examine Your Ring Device:

To ensure your Ring Doorbell functions flawlessly while you watch it on your computer, a thorough examination of your device is key. After completing the setup and any necessary updates, it’s crucial to test the system’s software. Press the front switch to initiate a test call.

This simple action will start the doorbell’s operational cycle, confirming that all components work correctly and are ready for use. Regular checks like this guarantee that your Ring Doorbell is always ready to deliver live video feeds to your PC without any hitches.

Set up the feature of Live view:

Once you’ve successfully installed the Ring app on your smartphone, setting up the live view feature for your Ring video doorbell is a straightforward process. This functionality allows you to monitor a live stream directly from your front door’s doorbell camera at any time. 

Here's a quick guide to set up live view mode:
  1. In the app, select the “My device” option under your location.
  2. Pick the device you wish to stream from.
  3. Click on the “Live View” button to start the live video feed.
  4. To enable two-way interaction, simply press “Talk”.
  5. To close the live viewing streaming, hit “End”.
With these steps, you'll have real-time access to your Ring Doorbell's view right on your phone, enhancing your home security and convenience.

Why view Ring Videos on a Web Browser?

Choosing to view your Ring Doorbell videos through a web browser rather than just the app on your phone can be surprisingly advantageous, especially when pouring over numerous clips and extensive footage. This approach allows you to utilize a bigger screen, making the review process less straining on the eyes.

Additionally, navigating with a mouse or trackpad makes it quick work to go through each task, such as examining specific moments or zooming in for a closer look.

While Ring’s app is incredibly convenient for glancing at your front door – say, to check if the mailman has arrived – using a web browser on a larger device is much more effective when you need to manage and scrutinize longer video sequences. It’s an easy and more efficient way to ensure you miss nothing important.

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Can Ring Doorbell Be Biewed On PC?

Viewing videos from your Ring video doorbells and cameras on a PC is not only possible but also incredibly convenient. You can simply sign in to your Ring account through a web browser or by using the Ring mobile app.

This flexibility even allows you to bulk-download up to 50 videos at a time from Ring.com, enhancing your ability to review footage at your leisure. It’s important to note that this does not change or affect the functionality of the mobile app, giving you the best of both worlds.

How Do I View My Ring Camera in My Browser?

Viewing your Ring camera or doorbell in a browser is straightforward. Simply log into your Ring account using the same email and password as you do for the Ring app.

Once logged in, navigate to the Cameras section and select one of the Snapshot images from the list of available devices. This action will open the Live View, allowing you to monitor your home in real-time directly from your browser.

Can I Get Ring Notifications on My Computer?

Yes, you can certainly receive Ring and motion alerts on your computer. By default, your Ring devices at all locations are set up to send notifications to your desktop, provided your Ring session remains active. This functionality persists even after you close the Ring.com web tab.

For added convenience, you can customize your notification preferences to ensure you only get the alerts you want. This feature makes it easier to stay informed about your home’s security without constantly checking your phone.

Can You Access Ring From a Web Browser?

Indeed, both Account owners and Shared Users can easily access the Live View feature of their Ring devices via Ring.com. This is achieved by simply logging in with the same username and password used for the Ring app.

This functionality offers a convenient alternative to the app, especially for users who prefer or need to monitor their home security system from a desktop environment.

Final Verdict:

The versatility of the Ring Doorbell system extends beyond its primary function of home security to offer comprehensive and convenient monitoring options right from your computer. Whether it’s viewing live footage, receiving timely notifications, or accessing the system through a web browser, the integration of the Ring Doorbell with PC and web platforms exemplifies modern home security’s adaptability.

The ability to customize notification settings and the ease of accessing live feeds cater to the needs of both account owners and shared users, ensuring that monitoring your home’s security is as seamless and user-friendly as possible. This article not only underscores the ease of watching your Ring Doorbell on your computer but also highlights the flexibility and efficiency of modern home security solutions.

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