Never Miss a Visitor: Easy Steps to Hear Your Blink Doorbell Inside


Never Miss a Visitor: Easy Steps to Hear Your Blink Doorbell Inside

Connect your Blink Doorbell to an indoor chime to ensure you never miss a visitor. Options include using a chime box, an Amazon Alexa device, or a Blink Mini Camera. These methods allow you to hear the doorbell throughout your home, enhancing your Blink Doorbell’s functionality and providing reliable notifications.

How Can I Get My Blink Doorbell to Ring Inside?

I Get My Blink Doorbell to Ring Inside.

Imagine you’re relaxing on your front porch when suddenly, someone appears at your door. To ensure you always know when someone is outside, the Blink Doorbell, a state-of-the-art device, offers smart notifications and the ability to remotely talk to the person at your door. However, its most crucial feature is its ability to emit a loud chime.

If you can’t hear this chime on your phone, don’t worry. You can connect your Blink Doorbell to another device like a chime box, any Amazon Alexa device, or a Blink Mini Camera to guarantee that you hear the doorbell no matter where you are in your home. These solutions ensure that you never miss a visitor, enhancing the great features of your Blink setup.

How can I set my Blink Doorbell to ring indoors using three different methods?

1. Connect Your Blink Doorbell to a Chime Box:

Connect Your Blink Doorbell to a Chime Box.

Integrating your Blink Doorbell with an existing chime box is an excellent choice if you’re transitioning from a regular doorbell to a smart doorbell. This method allows the loud chime to be heard anywhere in the house, combining traditional functionality with advanced technology. 

Steps to Connect Your Blink Doorbell to a Chime Box:
  1. Locate the Silver Pins: Find the silver pins on the back of the Blink Doorbell, which are situated at the top of the battery slots.
  1. Prepare the Connection: Align the wires from the chime box to these pins. The connection here does not supply power to the doorbell, which will still need its 1.5V AA Lithium batteries.
  1. Verify Voltage with a Multimeter: Use a multimeter to ensure the wires carry an AC voltage between 16 and 24 volts at 10 Amps. Proper voltage ensures the system functions without overloading or underpowering.
  1. Connect the Wires: Attach the wires to the pins, ensuring a secure connection that will close the chime’s circuit and allow it to ring.
  1. Test the Doorbell: After connecting, press the doorbell to test if the chime rings as expected. Check for any necessary adjustments in the connection if the chime does not ring.
This setup ensures that you can hear your doorbell throughout your home, even without direct line-of-sight.

2. Connect Your Blink Doorbell to Alexa:

Connect Your Blink Doorbell to Alexa.

Enhancing your home’s smart capabilities can be simple with the integration of your Blink Doorbell with Alexa through an Echo device. This setup not only centralizes control but also ensures that you can hear the doorbell from anywhere in your house.

Whether you’re upstairs or in the backyard, your Echo device will act as the chime, alerting you whenever someone approaches your door.

Steps to Connect Your Blink Doorbell to Alexa:
  1. Ensure Connectivity: Verify that both your Blink Doorbell and Echo device are connected to the same WiFi network.
  1. Open the Alexa App: Launch the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  1. Navigate to Skills: Tap the More menu icon, select Skills and Games, and then type “Blink” into the search bar.
  1. Enable Blink Smarthome: Find Blink Smarthome in the search results, select it, and then press “Enable to Use.”
  1. Log Into Your Blink Account: Within the Alexa app, log into your Blink account to sync the devices.
  1. Discover Your Devices: Press “Discover Devices” within the app to allow Alexa to locate your Blink Doorbell.
  1. Set Up Announcements: Go to the “Devices” section, find your Blink Doorbell under “Cameras,” press the settings icon in the top right corner, and tap on “Announcement Devices.”
  1. Select Your Echo Device: Choose the Echo device you want to use as a chime.
  1. Activate Doorbell Press Announcements: Turn on “Doorbell Press Announcements” to ensure you receive alerts.
  1. Choose a Doorbell Sound: Select a doorbell sound that suits your preference from the available options, including playful or seasonal sounds that keep things interesting, especially if you have dogs that react to visitors.
With these steps, your Alexa will seamlessly notify you of anyone at your door, effectively keeping your home connected and responsive.

3. Connect Your Blink Doorbell to a Blink Mini Camera:

Connect Your Blink Doorbell to a Blink Mini Camera.

Connecting your Blink Doorbell to a Blink Mini Camera offers a novel solution for those who want a seamless integration within their smart home ecosystem.

This setup leverages the Mini Camera’s built-in speaker to emit the chime, ensuring you hear the doorbell no matter where you are in your home. It’s an efficient way to extend the audible range of your doorbell using existing devices.

Steps to Connect Your Blink Doorbell to a Blink Mini Camera:
  1. Open the Blink App: Start by launching the Blink app on your mobile device.
  1. Access Device Settings: Navigate to the doorbell’s Device Settings within the app.
  1. Select the Chime Option: Tap on “Doorbell and Chime” and then choose “Use Blink Mini Camera as a Chime.”
  1. Choose the Camera: Select the Blink Mini Camera you want to connect to your doorbell. Ensure a blue checkmark appears to confirm the selection.
  1. Save the Configuration: Press “Save” to secure your settings and establish the connection between the doorbell and the camera.
  1. Test the Setup: Finally, test the setup by pressing the doorbell. Confirm that the chime correctly emits from your Mini Camera.
This straightforward process integrates your Blink devices, enhancing your home security system’s functionality and ensuring you never miss a visitor again.

What Should I Do If My Blink Doorbell Isn’t Ringing Inside?

What Should I Do If My Blink Doorbell Isn’t Ringing Inside.

If your Blink Doorbell isn’t ringing inside, it can be frustrating, but there are a few straightforward steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue. From my personal experience, ensuring that everything is set up correctly can save you a lot of headaches.

  • Check Wi-Fi Strength: Make sure your doorbell has a strong Wi-Fi connection. Weak signals can cause the doorbell to malfunction.
  • Verify Settings: Double-check the settings in the Blink app to ensure the chime is enabled and volume levels are adequate.
  • Ensure Proper Linking: Confirm that your Blink Doorbell is properly linked to your indoor chime or Echo device. Sometimes re-syncing the devices can solve the problem.
  • Restart Devices: Sometimes, simply restarting your doorbell and the connected devices can resolve connectivity issues.
These steps should help get your Blink Doorbell ringing inside as expected.

Where Can I Seek Help If I Encounter Issues With My Blink Doorbell?

If you’re having trouble with your Blink Doorbell, you can reach out to Blink customer support through the app or their website for direct assistance.

Additionally, their website has online resources like troubleshooting guides and community forums that offer solutions to common problems. These resources can be incredibly helpful in resolving issues quickly.

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Can You Change the Blink Doorbell Sound?

Yes, you can easily change the sound of your Blink Doorbell to better suit your preferences or the ambience of your home. The process is straightforward and accessible through the Alexa app.

Steps to Change the Blink Doorbell Sound:
  1. Open the Alexa App: Start by opening the Alexa app on your smartphone or device where you manage your Blink devices.
  2. Select Your Doorbell: In the device list within the app, find and select your Blink Doorbell.
  3. Modify Sound Settings: Tap on the “Doorbell Sound” option to view and choose from a variety of available sounds.
  4. Save Your Selection: After selecting your desired sound, tap the back arrow to save your settings and apply the new sound.
This process allows you to customize how you're alerted when someone is at your door, making your Blink Doorbell an integral part of your smart home experience.

What steps can I take if the Blink Doorbell Chime isn’t functioning?

If you can’t hear your Blink Doorbell chime, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can follow to resolve the issue.

  1. Check Volume Settings: Ensure the volume is not miscalibrated and is set to an audible level.
  2. Verify Activation Time: Make sure the activation time isn’t too short, which might prevent the chime from sounding.
  3. Sync Settings: Confirm that the doorbell is correctly synced with your system and that no settings are off.
  4. Check Electrical Wiring: If the doorbell is connected to electrical wiring, make sure the breaker is flipped on to provide power.

How Do You Calibrate a Chime with a Blink Doorbell?

If you need to calibrate your Blink Doorbell with a chime, follow these steps:

  • Open the Blink app on your device.
  • Select Settings from the main menu.
  • Navigate to Doorbell Settings.
  • Tap on “Mount with Wiring and Chime Ringing”.
  • Follow the on-screen steps.
  • Select “Wired Installation” to complete the process.

How Can I Maintain and Update My Blink Doorbell System?

To keep your Blink Doorbell working well, regularly check for firmware updates in the Blink app, perform battery checks, and replace batteries as needed. Additionally, clean the doorbell and camera lenses with a soft cloth to ensure clear video quality and optimal performance.

Final Verdict:

To get your Blink Doorbell to ring inside, connect it to a chime box, an Amazon Alexa device, or a Blink Mini Camera. Each method involves straightforward steps to ensure you hear the doorbell throughout your home.

If issues arise, check your Wi-Fi connection, app settings, and device linking. For further help, use Blink’s customer support and online resources.

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