Integrate Blink Doorbell with Google Home: The Ultimate Guide


Integrate Blink Doorbell with Google Home: The Ultimate Guide

The Blink Doorbell does not natively support Google Home, but users can integrate these devices using third-party services like IFTTT or Samsung SmartThings. This setup allows for voice-controlled convenience, enhancing home automation despite lacking direct compatibility.

Does Blink Doorbell Work With Google Home?

Does Blink Doorbell Work With Google Home?

While the Blink Doorbell doesn’t natively support Google Home integration, don’t worry—there are still ways to connect these devices for a smarter home experience.

Many users, including myself, have found success using third-party services like IFTTT or Samsung SmartThings. These platforms act as a bridge, allowing you to create customized applets or use pre-existing ones that can trigger your Blink Doorbell with Google Home commands.

Setting this up involves a bit of tinkering, but once you get it running, the convenience of controlling your doorbell with voice commands can significantly enhance your home automation.

What Are the Benefits of Connecting Blink Doorbell to Google Home?

Benefits of Connecting Blink Doorbell to Google Home.

Connecting your Blink Doorbell to Google Home can simplify and intuitively manage your home’s security. This setup uses smart technology to bring several advantages right to your doorstep. Here are a few key benefits:

  • Voice Control: Simply use voice commands to interact with your Blink Doorbell via Google Home. Ask Google to show you who’s at the door or to play back recent activity without lifting a finger.
  • Centralized Smart Home Management: Integrating Blink with Google Home centralizes your control over home security devices, allowing you to manage settings and view cameras from one platform.
  • Enhanced Home Security: Linking these devices can enhance security by allowing automated responses, like turning on lights when motion is detected at the door, creating a more secure environment.

How Can You Connect Blink Doorbell to Google Home?

Connect Blink Doorbell to Google Home.

While Blink Doorbell doesn’t directly connect with Google Home, IFTTT or Samsung SmartThings can effectively bridge this gap. This integration allows you to streamline your home automation and control through voice commands. Let’s walk through how to set this up:

Using IFTTT:
  1. Download and Set Up IFTTT: Install the IFTTT app on your smartphone or go to the IFTTT website and create an account if you don’t already have one.
  1. Connect Blink and Google Home: In IFTTT, search for Blink and Google Assistant services. Link your accounts by following the on-screen prompts.
  1. Create an Applet: Click on ‘Create’ to set up a new applet. Choose Google Assistant as the “if this” service and Blink as the “then that” service. For example, you could set it so saying “Hey Google, show front door camera” triggers your Blink Doorbell to send the latest camera snapshot.
Using Samsung SmartThings (if you have a SmartThings Hub):
  1. Set Up SmartThings: Install the SmartThings app and connect your SmartThings Hub. Follow the initial setup instructions provided by the app.
  1. Add Blink to SmartThings: Go to ‘Devices’ in the SmartThings app, tap on ‘Add Device’, and find Blink. Follow the instructions to authorize SmartThings to access your Blink system.
  1. Connect SmartThings to Google Home: In the Google Home app, tap on ‘Add’, then ‘Set up device’, and select ‘Works with Google’. Search for SmartThings and link your SmartThings account to Google Home.
  1. Control via Google Home: Now that your devices are connected, use Google Home to control your Blink Doorbell. You can set routines within Google Home that include actions for Blink devices linked through SmartThings.
With these steps, you can enjoy a more connected and responsive smart home setup.

Are There Any Alternatives to Blink That Work Better With Google Home?

If you’re looking for a smart home security system that integrates more smoothly with Google Home, several alternatives offer native compatibility, eliminating the need for workarounds. These options provide a straightforward user experience with enhanced features that work seamlessly with Google Home.

SystemKey FeaturesGoogle Home Integration
Google NestHigh-quality video, smart alerts, facial recognitionFully integrated, supports voice commands
ArloWire-free setup, color night vision, smart alertsCompatible via direct integration, supports applets
RingMotion-activated notifications, two-way talkWorks with Google Home through simple linking

Each of these systems offers distinct advantages and direct compatibility with Google Home, making them excellent alternatives to the Blink Doorbell if native support and ease of use are your priorities.

What Features Can You Control Via Google Home Once Blink Is Connected?

Features Can You Control Via Google Home Once Blink Is Connected.

Once you’ve successfully connected your Blink Doorbell to Google Home through third-party platforms like IFTTT or Samsung SmartThings, you’ll unlock several convenient features that can be controlled with just your voice.

This integration enhances the usability and accessibility of your home security system. Here are some of the features you can manage through Google Home:

  • Arming/Disarming the System: Easily set your Blink system to arm or disarm using voice commands, making it convenient to secure your home without needing to interact with the device or an app physically.
  • Live Video Streaming: Ask Google to show the live view from your Blink Doorbell on compatible devices like your smartphone or TV. This is particularly handy when you want to check your front door or monitor your property in real-time.
  • Receiving Motion Alerts: Get notified through Google Home devices if your Blink detects motion, keeping you informed of any activity around your home, whether you’re in another room or engaged in other activities.
This enhanced functionality through Google Home adds a layer of comfort and control, making your smart home security system more responsive and intuitive.. 

What Should You Do If the Blink Doorbell Does Not Respond to Google Home Commands?

Encountering issues where your Blink Doorbell does not respond to Google Home commands can be frustrating, but you can take several troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Check Network Connectivity: Ensure that both your Google Home and Blink Doorbell are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. Interruptions in connectivity are often the cause of unresponsive smart devices.
  1. Update Device Firmware: Make sure that both your Blink Doorbell and your Google Home device are running on the latest firmware. Outdated software can lead to compatibility issues and may prevent the devices from communicating effectively.
  1. Reconfigure the Integration: If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, try disconnecting and then reconnecting Blink to Google Home through IFTTT or SmartThings. This can often reset any configuration issues that might be causing the problem.
These steps should help restore functionality and ensure that your Blink Doorbell responds to Google Home commands as intended, improving the reliability of your smart home setup.

People Are Also Interested In:

Can I use voice commands to control Blink Doorbell through Google Home?

Yes, once integrated via IFTTT, you can use basic voice commands to control your Blink Doorbell through Google Home, such as arming or disarming the camera.

What is required to connect Blink Doorbell to Google Home?

To connect Blink Doorbell to Google Home, you typically need to use a workaround via third-party services like IFTTT or Samsung SmartThings, which can bridge the compatibility gap.

Can I control multiple Blink devices through Google Home?

Yes, you can control multiple Blink cameras and doorbells through Google Home with the correct setup via IFTTT, allowing you to manage various devices through voice commands.

How do I ensure the privacy of my Blink Doorbell when connected to Google Home?

Regularly update your security settings, use strong passwords, and monitor connected services like IFTTT for any unauthorized access.

Final Verdict:

While the Blink Doorbell does not directly integrate with Google Home, users can achieve connectivity through third-party services like IFTTT or Samsung SmartThings.

This setup offers voice control and smart home integration, enhancing the functionality and convenience of the Blink Doorbell in a connected home environment.

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